Quallity Policy

We, at Suryajyoti Spinning Mills Ltd give top priority for the quality at all levels, right from the selection of raw material to finished stage. Utmost care is taken at all the processing levels to ensure that only quality yarn/fabric is produced to meet international export standards.

Suryajyoti, is equipped with all required state-of-the-art testing equipments to check the quality. Also due precautions are taken to remove all possible human/mechanical yarn/fabric faults maually.

Suryajyoti is committed to Quality, timely deliveries supported by prompt services.

1) CONTAMINATION REMOVAL – Suryajyoti has taken special care for solving contamination problem. Apart from manual removal of contamination it has installed Vision Shield (Contamination removal machine) in the Blow Room line.

2) SIRO CLEARED – free from foreign fibre contaminations. Our yarns are cleared in auto coners using siro clearers.

3) KNOTLESS YARNS TFO TWISTED AND SPLICED – Suryajyoti offers knotless doubled TFO Yarns which improve the fabric appearance and increase the loom efficiency, using our Two for One Twisted and Spliced Yarns